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What is the Ledger Stax?

The Ledger Stax is a new hardware wallet from Ledger that offers a high level of security and convenience. It features a touchscreen for signing transactions and is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to use it with your Android or iOS mobile device wirelessly. You can also charge the Ledger Stax with Qi wireless charging, similar to that used by Samsung and Apple mobile devices. The charge can last for months, even if the device is not used frequently. When not in use, you can also customize the lock screen with one of your NFTs. The price point of the Ledger Stax is $279.

What are the main product features?

The Ledger Stax is a hardware wallet that boasts a number of attractive features and capabilities. One notable aspect of the device is its sleek design, which was created by Tony Fadell, the creator of the iPod. The Ledger Stax features a large e-ink display that covers the front of the device and wraps around its spine. The display is 3.7 inches in size and has a resolution of 672x400 pixels, with 16 shades of grey. The device itself is relatively thin, about as thick as a stack of five credit cards.

  • Touchscreen: The Ledger Stax is the first Ledger hardware wallet to feature a touchscreen, which is used for navigating the device and signing transactions. The only other hardware wallet with a touchscreen is the Trezor Model T, but its screen is smaller than that of the Ledger Stax.

  • Clear signing: While all Ledger devices allow for clear signing of transactions, it is especially important for the Ledger Stax to offer this capability. Clear signing helps to reduce the risk of hacks and phishing attacks when interacting with smart contracts. In contrast, blind signing occurs when a user trusts and approves a transaction without verifying all the details, which is often the case when using a software wallet. By using a Ledger device and a supported dapp, such as the Ledger Live app, users can verify transactions through the clear signing process, providing them with additional information to assess the validity of a transaction and avoid scams.

  • Supported coins and tokens of the Ledger Stax: Using the Ledger Stax with the native software, Ledger Live, allows you to manage over 500 coins and tokens. However, by using the Ledger Stax with a third-party wallet, you can expand the range of supported assets to more than 5,000 coins, tokens, and NFTs on multiple blockchains.

  • The Ledger Stax can help you manage NFTs: The Ledger Stax, when used with Ledger Live, allows you to manage NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. By using the Ledger Stax with a third-party wallet, you can also manage NFTs on other blockchains.

  • Security of the Ledger Stax: The Ledger Stax is secured by a Secure Element chip, which is used to protect data for passports and credit cards, and is also used in the Nano X and Nano S Plus. All Ledger devices have received a Common Criteria (CC) for Information Technology Security Evaluation certificate with an Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) of 5+. This certification signifies that the devices have the highest level of security against penetration tests (hacks) and meet international standards for banking cards and state requirements.

  • Further features of the Ledger Stax: The Ledger Stax offers a number of additional features that make it convenient and secure for managing your crypto on the go. One unique feature is the ability to use one of your NFTs as an image for your locked home screen. The device also supports Qi wireless charging, similar to that used by Samsung and Apple mobile devices, and has an internal battery that can last for weeks to months, depending on usage. Like the Nano X, the Ledger Stax can be used wirelessly with the mobile version of Ledger Live on your iOS or Android device using Bluetooth connectivity. It also has embedded magnets that allow you to attach it to magnetic surfaces and conceal it when not in use.

What are the pros and benefits of the Ledger Stax?

The Ledger Stax is a hardware wallet that offers a number of benefits and features for users. One of its standout features is the large e-ink touchscreen, which allows for clear signing of transactions with smart contracts. It is also Bluetooth-enabled and can be charged wirelessly using Qi technology, similar to that used by many modern smartphones. Additionally, the Ledger Stax has a sleek design and a strong casing made of a mix of aluminium and plastic.

What are the cons of the Ledger Stax?

The Ledger Stax is a next level hardware wallet. However, all the features come at a cost of $279, which makes it to the most expensive Ledger hardware wallet.

Where can the Ledger Stax be ordered? You can pre-order the device for delivery in April 2023 on Ledger's official site. The device will also be available at other official retailers in the future. It is worth noting that it is highly recommended to order from Ledger`s official website.

Is the Ledger Stax worth ordering?

The Ledger Stax is a highly desirable hardware wallet with a range of features and capabilities that make it well suited for managing your crypto assets on a daily basis. However, it should be noted that the device comes with a high price tag of $279, which is almost double the cost of the Nano X at $149 and more than triple the price of the Nano S Plus at $79. If you are looking for a hardware wallet on a budget or do not plan on using it frequently, you may want to consider other options. Storing the private keys to your crypto assets is a risky but necessary aspect of investing in this asset class, and it is important to do your research and choose a wallet that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance. Hardware wallets are generally considered to be the safest way to store your crypto, particularly if you plan on holding it for the long term.

However, if the price point is acceptable for you and if you like the latest hardware and would like to manage your NFTs using a hardware wallet, then the Ledger Stax seems like a good choice.


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