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More Crypto Online Gift Membership

There are some gifts that cannot be wrapped, such as the participation in a fantastic cryptocurrency technical analysis and trading community, access to many TradingView live charts, short-term market updates, and exclusive live stream access.

Let a friend or family member participate for a year in our community and give the gift of an MCO membership.

We currently offer the following gift memberships:

- Silver annual membership - £59.99

- Gold annual membership - £99.99

- Trading course lifetime access - £79.99

The membership involve the following extras and benefits:

Silver annual membership:

- access to a weekly cryptocurrency live stream

- access to Telegram and Discord with access to chat rooms and announcements and other learning material

- access to our TradingView live charts

- regular member only videos

Gold annual membership:

- includes Silver

- Elliott Wave analysis of certain stocks and shares on Discord

- short-term market updates for cryptocurrencies on Telegram and Discord

Trading course:

- access to our trading course Telegram chat room

- lifetime access to all videos of the foundational training course with 15 chapters

If you are interested in buying a gift membership, please reach out to


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