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Trading Course Online!

I had a lot of requests from the community to create a trading course and I have been asked many times when it will be finished. It is not finished yet but I had positive feedback from the community about the idea to publish the course chapter by chapter!

You can now purchase the course here! It is currently in a pre-sale and at a discounted rate. Bronze, Silver and Gold members all get 15% off after purchase (as a refund).

After the purchase you will be able to login to the members area and you can watch the videos at your own pace and convenience.

I publish one chapter per week and overall there will be 15 chapters. It is a foundations course so mainly geared towards beginners in the crypto market and anybody who would like to start trading. It, however, covers a lot, and provides you with everything you need to become a profitable trader.

If the payment via PayPal on the website does not work for you, please reach out to for alternative payment methods.

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